Battleground Indoor Skatepark bowls and ramps


Our Mission

To introduce youth to Christ, walk with them through the discipleship process, and connect them with the local faith community through the platform of skateboarding and BMX.


What Does our skatepark do?

We are a nonprofit skate park and youth center. We also provide ministry opportunities for youth to participate in. Once we open (hope to in the fall) we will provide kids with a pay to skate or ride format, provide concessions, lessons, special events, ministry activities, and community based activites.


Why do we do what we do?

There has been no safe place to skate or ride in the Battle Creek area. It is also our desire to make activities affordable so that youth can participate on a regular basis.


What makes battleground different from the other area skateparks?

There is no one in our area that does what we do. There is are similar parks in Joplin, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, and Nashiville, TN. So there is no one within 70 miles that will have this type of focus. There is no one within several hundred miles that will provide a park at this price.