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Dear Donors and Participants,

It has come time for Battle Ground Indoor Skate Park to relocate to a more sustainable building. We are currently located in a 29,500 Sq. Ft facility of which we are only using 9,000 Sq. Ft. With the warm summer months coming and historically lower participation it make the most sense to make this transition during the months of June –August.

What does that mean for you the people that make this park possible? It means we have a lot of work to do and were excited to see what God has in store for this next chapter of his ministry. Today 5/3/2016 will be our last night of operation in our current facility. We will be hosting Skate church as scheduled and we will be updating participants about our efforts to continue Skate Church on Tuesday night’s through the summer at various mobile locations. We are exploring the opportunity to enjoy the mobile ramps and the WARM summer weather that we are all praying so hard for.

Why continue to fight the good fight you ask and move AGAIN? Well… because God is at work in his ministry. He has brought 50 participants to salvation in the last 18 months including 3 individuals that participated in a believer’s baptism course and were baptized right in the middle of the skate park. God has used the ministry to plug some of those, that have had life changing experiences, into local churches and he continues to develop life changing relationships with each new week. The ministry is alive, vibrant, and God is moving and therefor so are we.

Financially we need to be prudent and scale back our facility size/rent to better minister to the participants that come regularly. Following our last night of operation we will begin the overwhelming process of deconstructing the park and praying for God to work in a mighty way.

If you feel that God is calling you to be involved in any of the following areas please contact us at . If you could include the word “Help” in the subject line of your email it will help this information to get filtered to the correct individuals.
We are in need of the following:

1. Prayer Warriors. We need God’s provision and the Holy Spirit’s clarity for his will to be done.

2. Volunteers to deconstruct the existing park and trucks and trailers to haul large ramps.

3. Storage for materials through the summer months (Semi trailers, Enclosed storage facility with a large door (at least 10’ W x 12’ H), ect…).

4. A new location. We’re looking for a 7000-12,000 Sq. Ft warehouse type facility with a small office are and a large open storage area with at least 15’ ceilings.


THANK YOU for all that you have done and all that you are willing to do in the future. God has used you in a mighty way and will continue to work through you to reach this unreached sector of our culture.








New waivers will be required to ride the park for all participants by October 1st.  Starting Sept. 25th our new waivers can be signed electronically through our website or in person.


New hours and prices for Battleground Skatehouse
Mondays: 4-9pm (Open) $8 all day
Tuesdays: 6-9pm (Skate Church only, no open sessions) Free
Wednesdays: 4-9pm (Open) $8 all day
Thursdays: 4-9pm (Open) $8 all day
Fridays: 4-9pm (Open) $7, 9-12 (Fossil Ride) $10, $15 all day
Saturday: 1-4pm (Beginner) $7, 4-9pm (Open) $8, $15 all day


Check out this video from the competition



Will You Help?




We Introduce youth to Christ and their local faith community, all through the platform of skateboarding and BMX.


We are excited to finally see our Grass Roots Campaign, The Battle Creek Skatepark Project come to fruition! We provide over 7,500 square feet of wall to wall obstacles. You name it, Battleground's got it; from our street section, hubbas, and rails, we offer a skating and biking experience for the advanced and the beginner
We welcome both beginners and seasoned pros. We pride ourselves on our new facility that has, a street area, and a positive christian attitude that can suit everyone's needs! So whether you are a ride or skate we've got you covered! Stop down today and start shredding!




non-profit skate park and youth center



When you walk in the door, you’ll notice that something is different about this park. We are no ordinary park, but a park with a special mission and purpose. We provide a space for all ages to come into a safe environment, be introduced to Christ, learn about the local faith community, all while still be able to have fun with skateboarding and BMX. We offer a well-stocked pro shop with bmx bikes, completes, and all the necessary skateboard and bmx parts.


park safety


At BattleGround Skate Park, we take safety very seriously! We provide a safe riding environment where helmets are required for those under age 18 and available for rent at our front desk and for sale in our pro shop area. All riders MUST have a new waiver on file and those under age 18 must have helmet. Waivers may be downloaded or filled out in front of BattleGround staff with a valid government id (drivers license, state identification card, school identification card, etc.). Skaters under 18 must have a parent of legal guardian sign the waiver in front of a notary or BattleGround staff member - NO EXCEPTIONS!


Park cost

Park cost is $8 for first session $6 for any additional sessions on the same day.


Check out or Calendar for Hours and our schedule of events